Not easier, just different.

“I just want to leave home” he sobs, “I just want to get out of here”. I stare at my teenager on the couch opposite me as he chokes out the words. It’s a taken a morning walk out with an epic door slam, a day of radio silence over phone and text and 45 … Continue reading

I love (secretly loathe) myself.

I love (secretly loathe) myself.

  I’ve read all the inspirational Blogs, I’ve seen all the inspirational memes and drunk in all the love yourself quotes. I am a strong, independent woman and I love my body!   Except maybe my stomach, it does sort of stick out like I’m pregnant all of the time.     But enough of … Continue reading

A 10 step guide on how to Pinterest.

I admit something; sometimes my lack of interest in arts and crafts bothers me as a mother.  Not because of anything I do but because of Pinterest. It’s there, it mocks me. It lays out a beautiful lifestyle that I could have and all it will cost me is several mason jars, a soft focus … Continue reading

On why it’s ok to be alone.

I’ll be honest, this started off a short piece about Mothers Day and how it’s perfectly OK to be alone if that is what you need. Then as I wrote I realised that being alone at any time is OK too yet, for some, it is the scariest thing they can imagine and I started … Continue reading

The Black Dog.

  Once there was a lady. A quite unremarkable lady, one you wouldn’t really stop and ask how her day went. You would smile at her and say good morning and as she walked away she would slip from your mind.   The lady had a husband who loved her dearly and two children she … Continue reading

You can’t do that.

A while back I wrote a piece about things to never say to a special needs mum. I can’t read that piece back any more. It came from anger, I was so angry the day I wrote it and it came across. I flinch when I think about it. I have to admit something that … Continue reading

The real rules for the early days.

I have been stupidly busy. We are moving house which has meant going from room to room and packing. However if there is one thing I have learned in the 2yrs we have been here is that I have a gift. That gift is the ability to accumulate useless crap like my life depends on … Continue reading

A moment to judge.

Congratulations, you’re pregnant or expecting a child any other way. Are you prepared for what happens next? I’m sure everybody has told you about the sleepless nights, the lack of money, the stretch marks and the destroyed house. They have knowingly looked at you with a twinkle in their eyes and told you to be … Continue reading

Sometimes it’s not worth it.

What happens when you meet your idol? You know, that person you just want to lick from eyeball to toe. Will you behave the way you think you will in your head? All cool and sophisticated. Are you more likely to turn to a mush of hormonal wetness on the floor and slide home?   Well … Continue reading